Reiki & Sound Healing

The Radiance Technique, Authentic Reiki is a (hands on) light touch flowing of healing energy throughout the body where all 7 chakras (energy centers) are covered during the one hour session.  As a part of this treatment, I will add the mesmerizing sounds  of  Singing/Tibetan Bowls for deep relaxation and expanding the peaceful state.

Relaxing music or a Guided Meditation can be played in the background during the hour. I play the Singing/Tibetan Bowls during the last 10 minutes of your session.

You do not have to have any belief or expectation in order to receive the Radiance-Reiki, it is free-flowing though me (the attuned practitioner) to you. It is a powerful way to ‘up the energy’ and clear the way for an enhanced life experience.

Effective For:

Stress Relief

Reiki and Sound Healing are a relaxing, peaceful, and a wonderful way to relieve stress as this session is a meditative hour of peace and tranquility

Pain Relief and Reduction

Reiki is known to reduce pain and encourage the body’s ability to heal itself. Each session can be transformative and relieve or lessen pain depending on what you are wanting to achieve with the treatments. 

Meditative Intention Setting

With Reiki, a relaxing, peaceful, and trance like state occurs allowing each session to become a meditative hour of peace and tranquility perfect for intention setting. An intention can be anything wheather it be related to healing, releasing things that no longer serve you

Shifting Emotional & Physical Blocks

As Reiki washes through the energy centers on all 3 levels of your being (physical, emotional and spiritual) past / stuck energy can shift releasing the blocks that are holding you back from living your best life and achieving your greatest desires.

Enhancing Spiritual Connection

From a place of deep relaxation and contentment many recipients of a Reiki/Sound Healing Session feel a deep spiritual connection to their creator / all that is.


Reiki and Sound Healing

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Reiki and Sound Healing

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Sound Healing

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