About Me

Helping bring the gift and healing power of sound and energy to all that desire it, and now offer healing sessions, group meditations and Reiki classes in North Austin, Texas at Holistic House of Healing.

I work with the energetic body as a Reiki Master and the electromagnetic biofield as a Sound Therapy Practitioner.

As a Certified Sound Therapist I am living my intention to bring more peace and coherence to the world.

I am a professional musician in Austin, TX and have been performing as a violist in Angelic Strings, since 2004.  Being a professional violist, I have experienced the power and joy in live music at weddings and events.

Belinda Morris Reiki Master and Sound Healing Therapist
Belinda Morris Reiki Master and Sound Healing Therapist


I began my Reiki journey in 2000-2002 with The Radiance Technique recieving my Usui Master certification in 2017, and became certified Level I and II with the Holographic Sound Healing Institute in January, 2016.  Training with singing bowls in 2015, I began incorporating Tibetan Bowls with Reiki sessions noticing the profound results with the bowls resonating on and around the body. In 2019 I discovered Biofield Tuning and knew this was to be a part of my calling. I completed the foundations course in 2020 and completed Biofield Tuning Practitioners Certification in 2021.

What We Offer

Reiki, Sound Healing & Biofield Tuning

Energetic Healing Services that help bring ease and balance to yourlife while helping to clear blockages that have been holding you back.

All Levels of Reiki Classes & Internships

Learn to heal yourself and others with all levels of Reiki attunements.  Want to be a professional healer?  We offer internships too.

Group Events / Group Healings

We offer a variety of group events ranging from Weekly Reiki and Sound Healings and Kriya Meditation to Community Reiki Days

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